Prizm Content Connect

On Premise Viewing Solution for Full Enterprise Content Security
Take full control of your documents
Install & setup on your server in-house
Use the viewer as a part of your application
Speed up development & improve time to market
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Prizm Content Connect offers the following features, no matter which installation is right for you:

Supported Document Types
The Prizm Content Connect platform supports conversion and rendering of more than 300 document types which includes Office documents, Open Office, PDF, Images, and AutoCAD files.

Document Viewer Architecture
Learn how the Prizm Platform delivers the broadest set of document viewing functionality in one integrated framework.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to commonly asked questions and understand the product better.

Product Demos
See products and use interactive online features to visualize your own customized viewer.

Why Prizm Content Connect?

  • Not a Virtual Printer
    Multi-tenant platform for high-end document viewing.
  • No Software
    No need to install any additional software on the server.
  • No ActiveX/Plug-ins
    No plug-ins, ActiveX or applets need to be downloaded on the client side.
  • Fully Customizable
    Advanced API offers full customization and UI changes.
  • Any OS/Any Prog Language
    Install Prizm Content Connect on any OS and integrate with any programming language.

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Prizm Cloud Connect

Cloud Hosted Prizm Content Connect Solution for On Demand Document Viewing

No Installation required
Link to us in the cloud using 'Prizm Cloud Connect'
Add your branding with the Personalization feature
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