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View, share and collaborate on more than 300 document types when you are on the move. The Prizm Content Connect viewer's mobile client is a high-speed mobile and smart phone document viewing solution, built from the ground up, using the latest HTML5 technology. It enables you to send a document link to anyone and allows them to view the document on their phone or tablet device, without requiring a client or application download. Easily integrate with any type of application, Content Management System (CMS), CRM Application, Project Management Solution, etc., and let your users view the documents on their phones. Reduce document conversion times, download times and provide high-volume, distributed, and large file viewing, along with a more productive user experience. Rapidly build and deploy intuitive applications tailored to the individual roles within your business processes. Push files to users or let them pull files directly from the server and view them, or save them, locally on their phones for later use.

- Built using latest HTML5 technology.
- No need to install any client application or app on the phone or device. Works right in browser with no downloads.
- Works with most of the new smart phones, mobile, PDA, tablet and handheld devices.
- Tested to work for iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and PDAs.
- No need to buy, setup or install BES for Blackberry.
- Integrated with Sharepoint, Documentum or any other CMS, document management system or application.

Business Benefits
- Drive product leadership, differentiated customer experience, and operational excellence through a fast mobile viewing solution.
- Create intuitive experiences and use information to collaborate, make decisions, and automate processes while your users are on the go.
- Move with technology and digital information growth and take your applications on a mobile path.

Installation, Integration and Specifications
Server Side:
The Prizm Content Connect's viewer mobile client is a server side product and needs to be installed on the server. It requires no additional software installs.
Support for Windows and Linux OS on server side and supports both 32 and 64-bit.
Client Side/Device:
The viewer's mobile client works right within the browser of the device and requires no installs or controls or apps on the device.
Integration with applications:
Full extended API support for integration into any web based application. The mobile client is included in the purchase of Prizm Content Connect or Prizm Content Connect Plus document viewers.

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Mobile Document Viewer Overview

  • Mobile Document Viewer – A Universal High Speed Viewing Solution for Mobile Devices
    The viewer of the future is not only independent of viewing software for each document type on your desktop but even on your handheld and mobile devices.
  • Today's professionals are enhancing their productivity with smart phones–devices that give them access to e-mail, documents and information from the Internet and by accessing corporate applications directly while traveling. With Mobile Document Server users can get an enhanced experience on their existing phones and be still able to view documents from with their corporate applications. Provide a Universal Viewing Solution with Mobile Document Server to all your users and enable them to view any kind of document while still maintaining control over your documents.
  • Faster Processing and Viewing
    Load documents faster in the viewer by loading them one page at a time. Use the built in page caching mechanisms that break downs each client request into the level of requests for individual pages, resulting in faster conversion and improved performance.Reduce document conversion times, download times and provide high-volume, distributed, and large file viewing, along with a more productive user experience.
  • More Than 300 Document Types Support
    Each document made available to users is rendered on request and compressed before delivery to their mobile of handheld devices. This not only ensures they can view any kind of document but also that they can view them on their phone using an existing native reader.

Mobile Document Viewer Features

  • Real-Time Conversion and Viewing
    Allow your users to view documents when they want. Documents can be rendered in real time and made available to the users on their phones when they are connected to the internet. Phones must have an internet connection and a data plan enabled.
  • More Than 300 Document Types Supported
    Support for more than 300 document types including, Microsoft Office 2007 documents (docx, xlsx, pptx), Office 2000 (doc, xls, ppt), Open Office (odt, sxw, ods, sxc. odp, sxi, odg), Images (jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff), Adobe PDF, etc.
  • No Need For Installation Of Any Software Or Application On Mobile Devices
    All reading, access and conversion of documents is done on the server, resulting in no need for installation of any software on client mobile devices. The native browser on phones and devices allows the users to view the documents using HTML5 technology.
  • Faster Conversion and Compression
    Based on a Multiple Tenancy Concept, making it significantly faster than other products with similar functions.
  • Easy System Integration
    Provides easy system integration with web applications, content management systems, and other software. Integrate the server with your application and call the Java API directly from within your code. Easily embed your documents in web pages and publish them on the Internet for access on mobile devices.

Mobile Document Viewer Resources

  • Whether you are new to Prizm Content Connect or a resident expert, we have compiled a list of resources to help you understand more about this product.
  • Mobile Demo

Mobile Document Viewer Integrations

  • Integrate the mobile viewer, right out of the box, with some of the leading content management mobile platforms, such as:
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Mobile
  • Mobile
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