AutoCAD Viewer

Works Independently or as a module for:
Prizm Content Connect
Prizm Content Connect Plus

The AutoCAD Viewer Module can work independently as a viewer for AutoCAD, TIFF and PDF Files or can be added on to Prizm Content Connect or Prizm Content Connect Plus to work with hundreds of other files types.

AutoCAD Software can help you design and draw the world around you with powerful 2D and 3D CAD tools. Retaining control over these files, or sharing them online, is always a challenge. Prizm Content Connect's AutoCAD Viewer Module lets you view the AutoCAD files in high fidelity and at faster rates, with no client side software downloads required. You can specify permissions using an easy to use API to switch off printing or saving of files, so users can view the files, while control is maintained over the information. You can not only render the document as a view only document, but also control printing, navigation, pan control and even saving of the document. None of the permissions are stored in the document itself, keeping your original document as it is, thus complying you with legal restrictions and compliance regulations.

The AutoCAD Viewer Module is a server based product and a single installation on one server within the corporation allows file sharing among all the enterprise's users. No additional software, like AutoCAD, Adobe, Office, etc., is required. Users can view and markup drawings (with the Annotations Module) over any network or the Internet, directly from within a web browser and perform annotations/markups, without ever installing anything on their computers.

Supported File Formats: AutoCAD DWG, DXF and DWF formats for following versions:
2009, 2008, 2007, 2006,2005, 2004, 2002, 2000i, 2000, 14, 13c4, 13c3, 13c2, 13c1, 12, 10, 9, 2.x

Reduce your costs, document conversion and download times and provide high-volume, distributed, and large file viewing along with a more productive and secure user experience.

Business Benefits

- Take control of your AutoCAD drawings and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your documents while sharing them over Internet, Intranet or Extranet.

- Control AutoCAD drawings at the user level, document level or even your own defined access levels. Integrate right into your application with an easy to use API.

- Define your own controls and control document printing, saving, viewing and even navigation.

- Reduce costs with no need to download any software on the client side.

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AutoCAD Viewer Overview & Features

  • AutoCAD Viewer
    The AutoCAD Viewer module helps companies, users and administrators view almost any type of AutoCAD documents and sharing them with others while still keeping control on the information. You can now enforce your policies on the documents and control who views what and even control document printing, saving and navigation.
  • Support for All AutoCAD Files
    Support of files from AutoCAD R9 files to current version AutoCAD 2009.
  • Restrict Printing, Saving and Navigation
    Control your AutoCAD drawings and prevent content from being copied by turning off printing, saving or even page navigation for independent users.
  • View, Markup and Annotate the AutoCAD Drawings
    Combine the AutoCAD Viewer Module with the Annotations Module and allow your users to annotate, markup and collaborate right on drawings. Easily integrates with any type of application, Content Management System (CMS), CRM Application, Project Management Solution, etc.

AutoCAD Viewer Resources

  • Whether you are new to Prizm Content Connect or a resident expert, we have compiled a list of resources to help you take control of the viewer.
  • Demo - AutoCAD Viewer Module
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